Building products is a lot of work, but so worth it

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Building products is fun, but it takes a concerted team effort including investment.

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La Fabrica Team

Our role is to advise start-ups in how to build their team and their product. Angel investors trust our judgement and know that we represent their interests on the startup's board.

La Fabrica is headed up by:


Simon Godreau

Marketing Guru who loves structure. Expert in building market places, sharing economy and online retail, founded and sold companies in Malta, Costa Rica, France and Spain.

From Nantes, Pays de la Loire, resides in Madrid.


Chris Stappen

Physicist turned Management Consultant. Founding partner of PeachSquared, worked on projects in North and Latin America and Northern Europe.

From Bonn, North Rhine Westfalia, resides in Madrid.

When we evaluate the viability of a startup there are five areas we examine:

After going through an initial evaluation, something we call the startup's birth certificate we decide if it's a good fit for La Fabrica.

We then have an onboarding phase where we apply our Product Design process to set the startup up for success.

Product Design

Once the startup is a member of La Fabrica, we install a discipline with monthly and quarterly reports which are centred around traction .

Explore some of La Fabrica's startups below.

In Production

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Play seven-a-side footie in Madrid without the hassle. Sign-up for a game yourself or with friends.
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Padel classes in Madrid - connecting beginner padel players with the best coaches in town.

In Beta

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Padel Clique

Padel community site in France which connects players to play games. Currently in Nantes only.

Dona Limpia

Home cleaning services in Madrid

Retired Ideas

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Connect travellers with locals who know where the party is at. Experience the real local nightlife.

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Recruiter Check

Let's recruiters measure candidate experience in a way that doesn't get in the way. Uses as a back-end.

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Good Idea Hat

A consultant's CRM which we use ourselves, it's like a personal LinkedIn that focuses on actual activity and real relationships.

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Create really engaging presentation by asking question to your audience that they can respond to on their mobile device.

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Get insights easier - easier for you and your users. Turn asking for feedback into an opportunity to engage, your users will appreciate it.

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Dedicated to Simon Griffiths, founding partner of PeachSquared.

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